Requirements in Video Roulette

Everyone loves a good online casino bonus, and this is certainly true of Canadian players who really love their roulette. However, the online roulette wagering requirements associated with these bonuses can be tricky to understand for some. In order for players to know when they can cash out their winnings, they will have to first understand the wagering requirements and the terms associated with the bonus. Failure to understand wagering requirements is one of the top reasons why casino-goers contact customer service agents, and all of this time and trouble can certainly be avoided with a bit of knowledge and understanding.

Why Requirements are Necessary

Online casinos go out of their way to offer bonuses to get players to join their casinos and to keep them around for the long run. As such, they have to make sure that players cannot take advantage of them by simply claiming a bonus, winning a fortune and then immediately cashing out. Similarly, they also have to make sure that the player cannot simply claim the bonus and then withdraw the bonus cash immediately thereafter. This is where online roulette wagering requirements come into play, and players should understand them before they claim any bonus from any online venue.

Traditional Requirements

Most of the time, the standard casino roulette wagering requirements range from 10 times to 50 times the amount of the deposit plus the bonus. This means that players are required to wager a certain percentage of their own money before they can cash out any winnings they earn with a bonus that is provided by an online casino. Whether or not the actual bonus cash can be withdrawn after these requirements have been met depends solely upon the casino. In some cases, the bonus is sticky and simply 'falls off' the account once all of the requirements have been met. Players need to review the terms associated with their roulette bonuses in order to confirm this since these are different from venue to venue.

Roulette Exclusions

Now that it is understood what on online roulette wagering requirement actually is, it must be considered that some casinos will limit the amount of funds that you can wager on any given game that will count toward this requirement. For instance, a venue may state that roulette only counts as 10% of these requirements. If this is the case and the player is required to wager 20 times the amount of the bonus and the deposit combined, then a $100 bonus matched with another $100 would be a total of $200. This amount must be wagered 200 times before any money can be withdrawn, and this means that the player would have to wager some $40,000! Of course, this isn't always the case, but it is always a good idea for players to take a look at the requirements before agreeing to an offer. It will save them confusion now and frustration later down the road.