Win More Money with Advantage Video Poker

The term "advantage video poker" does not refer to any specific variation of the popular casino game. Rather, it describes a method by which people can take advantage of a reduced house edge that can allow them to win more often than not. A prime example of such a game, and one that most people understand, is blackjack. Many people are perfectly aware that by using a perfect strategy, they can reduce the house edge and actually turn the odds in their favor. Video poker works in much the same way, but it is important to choose the right variation, to stick to a strategy, and to set a budget before getting started.

If you want to achieve a payout percentage that is greater than 100% (and this is necessary for regularly turning a profit) then you must be able to select titles that offer up that potential. There are literally dozens of variations out there, and some of these give you a great shot while others exist almost solely to take your money. There are four things that you should always consider when it comes to advantage video poker: payback percentage, coin denomination, game complexity and variances.

You can determine the payout percentage simply by checking out the machine's table. This is easy enough; just click the button that says "Pay Table" and that information will be provided. The variance of any given machine indicates how much of your bankroll you will need to spend in order to enjoy a profit. For example, while Jacks or Better has a 19.5 rating, something like Deuces Wild offers up a whopping 25.8% rating. Low variance is best, particularly if you have a smaller bankroll to start out with.

Finally, you need to consider a machine with a denomination that best fits the size of your bankroll but still allows you to wager the maximum number of coins per hand. A good rule of thumb is to go into your session with an amount that is three to four times the amount that you would receive if you hit a royal flush. You need that win in order to make your session profitable. If you hope to create that combination, though, you will have to first use a strategy that makes the most of mathematical odds. An advantage video poker chart is a great way to go since it will essentially tell you what to do depending on the cards that you have.