Ever Been Involved In Chasing Losses, Tough Eh? Try This For Size!

Who's ever been in the situation of chasing losses or trying to win back money that they had earmarked for something more important like making the house payment, the car payment, the utility bills or just trying to win back the money one was going to spend on clothes for the kids?

Chasing Losses Or Chasing Winnings - Is There A Difference?

That's a really sick feeling, it may have happened last time when playing Roulette.

Well it does have a kind of logic to it, that's seems to sit reasonably well with oneself, but sometimes one has really got to stop and think and really get a grip and clear out some of that stupid thinking. The kind that needs eradicating, once and for all.

What is the purpose of playing in the first place? Is it for fun, which is perfectly fine, since in this instance it's "on the house", but what happens if the money previously won goes back to the house? Then what, are we going to do, start chasing losses, again?

Picture This - Same Meat Different Gravy

It's almost like going out on one of those dates where the girlfriend has made all the right noises. You pick her up at her place having already done the Flowers thing (Gosh, are a dozen Roses, really that expensive?) Fortunately it's payday and your check is cashed. Now to take her off for a great meal to impress her, then afterwards on to the favorite romantic wine bar. That should set the mood nicely for the evening, and eventually back to one's pad for a super special nightcap, but the question begs to be asked, "How long can this gal go on drinking for?

An End In Sight Perhaps?

Unfortunately things don't go to plan, Who was to know that this little sweetheart had a penchant for really expensive wine, and not just one bottle either, doesn't she know when to stop? Not the slightest sign of inebriation. Does one get involved in chasing losses and buying another bottle in the hope her mood may warm up, or is it only others that can see how stupid one's been? Time to waken from the coma? Perhaps!