Roulette Odds are Important for Winning the Game

Players who want to be good at roulette need to do much more than simply place some bets and cross their fingers. There is very little strategy available for this game since the outcome is always unpredictable. However, by learning the roulette odds that dictate the possibilities of certain outcomes, players can make wiser and more informed bets that will help them keep their bankrolls for longer periods of time -- nd perhaps even win more money.

Different Games mean Different Odds

Before they even get started, players are often daunted by the task of learning the odds of roulette. First and foremost, there are many different variations of the game that are available in different casinos, and players simply are not sure how to keep all of the information straight. However, there is a way to calculate the odds of any roulette wager in a matter of seconds regardless of whether the player enjoys American, European, French, Mini or even Racetrack roulette.

Simple Calculations for Main Variations

In the primary versions of roulette (American, European, French), players can use simple calculations to determine the odds of any wager. All the player has to do is divide 36 pockets--or the number of pockets on the wheel--by the amount he or she wants to bet an then subtract one. This provides the payout percentage and also dictates the odds of winning, in turn. If a player wants to make a four-number corner bet, then, he or she would divide 36 by four for a total of nine, then subtract one to get eight. This results in a payout of eight to one on a corner bet.

Mini Roulette

Some players get a bit sidetracked when it comes to calculating the odds at a mini roulette table simply because gameplay is so much different. The wheel is different and only uses the numbers one through 12, but the formula used to calculate the odds is still the same. Players will divide 12 (the number of pockets on the wheel) by the number of squares on which they are betting and subtract one. A player betting on three numbers would divide 12 by three for a total of four, then subtract one for a payout rate of three to one. Understanding how to calculate these odds is an important step towards understanding optimal mini roulette strategy.

Other Versions

No matter how obscure the version of roulette a player enjoys, this formula can always be used to calculate odds. This holds true for game variations such as Racetrack Roulette. All the player has to do is determine the number of non-zero spaces on the wheel, divide this by the number of spaces being wagered on, and then subtract one. By doing this, not only will the player learn how much can be won in the event that the bet actually wins, but he or she will also understand the odds of winning such a bet. The higher the ratio, the less likely the bet is to win.

Practicing the Calculations

Players who are interested in calculating odds without the risk of losing real money can find plenty of free roulette tables on the internet in all different variants. These present a great opportunity for players to not only practice their calculations, but also for them to try out different betting strategies at the same time.