Games with Progressive Roulette Jackpots from Microgaming

Roulette Royale is a unique variation of the classic game with progressive roulette jackpots. It is designed by Microgaming, one of the premier gambling software providers in the industry. The rules to this title are similar to traditional European rules, except that this particular variant requires an additional side wager of one credit per spin, and offers a series of four jackpots when the wheel repeats a winning number. The largest of these prizes is a progressive roulette jackpot, making this the first online game of its kind to come with an ever-increasing top payout!

The top progressive roulette jackpots grows in size with the more members at the online casino. Like any progressive top prize, a big part of the game's appeal is that people can watch the amount of the jackpot tick up higher and higher as gamblers place additional side bets and set the wheel in motion. Unlike progressive pokies, table games with this type of top reward don't generally get as much action, so the progressives on poker machines are often above the six-figure mark. The record win on this title is around $450,000, won in 2005 just after the game premiered.

Gamblers who are familiar with European roulette will be well-prepared for this game. It is played on single-zero wheels, meaning that 37 numbered slots are available for wagers. Players start by laying wagers on difference spaces on the table - either on the number, color, or position of the space. Royale offers the same bets as traditional European tables, except there are four special jackpots. Winning on any single number pays 35:1, wining bets on column spaces pays 2:1, and a bet placed on an outside "even-money" proposition (such as red or black) pays 1:1. Laying multiple wagers on any one spin is very common, though you still have to follow minimum and maximum wager sizes according to the rules.

The addition of a one-credit side wager means that the prize is always rising. It also pays out a different amount depending on the outcome of each spin. The amount a player wins is based on the number of times (in a row) that the ball lands in the same slot. If the outcome is the same twice in a row, the player wins 15 credits; if the same outcome happens three times in a row, the payout is 200; four repeats gives 3,000; and if someone is lucky enough to see the same decision five times, he or she wins the progressive jackpot amount.