The eCOGRA Seal Promotes Fairness to All

The eCOGRA seal is something that should be very important to Canadian gamblers because it shows just how far a casino operator is willing to go in order to keep his or her customers safe. It stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, and its primary purpose is to ensure fairness and safety for players.

Safe online gambling often isn't the top concern for many people, and while many of the venues out there are completely safe and fair, rogue casinos show up here and there and exist solely to cheat people out of their money or worse - steal their identities. There have been numerous websites like this shut down over the years, and there are still some that pop up here and there for the same purpose. The eCOGRA seal has been around since 2003, is based in London, England, and seeks to help players find the sites that deserve their money.

The group itself provides a foundation upon which safe online gambling practices should be built. The award is only given to sites that prove themselves capable of acting in fairness on many different levels, including responsible gaming, professional business operations, and excellent standards in operation. In order to ensure all of these things, the group monitors and audits various websites (and even the companies that provide those sites with their software) to make sure that everything meets or even exceeds industry standards. It's certainly a big job, but they take it very seriously so everyone can enjoy their favorite titles, including video roulette, comfortably.

There is actually a process that the group uses when issuing the eCOGRA seal, and this is something that speaks for itself among many people. When looking at a software operator, the company strives to ensure that the operator shares the same vision for responsibility and fairness, and they must also prove their integrity to the highest degree. Things like payout percentages, customer service response times, withdrawal processes, available banking methods and more are all figured into the process in order to make sure that there is no one area that falls through the cracks unnoticed. There is also a General Acceptance Practice with plenty of protocols that must be met before the seal can be awarded.

For operators, receiving this award is an excellent way to boost business. It must be considered that all of these venues make money, even when they have the highest payout percentages in the industry. No matter what, the house edge is always dominant and those who choose to enjoy the various titles available at these sites should be aware of that. However, those operators who choose to run their businesses fairly and give their customers ample opportunity to win are those who are held in the highest regard.

For the customers, the eCOGRA seal is even more important. It means that this venue has undergone rigorous testing and monitoring and was still found to be in compliance with a strict set of ideals set forth by an unbiased third party. Thus, individuals who see it on a casino website can rest assured that their money is in good hands.