Learn to Play Mini Roulette like a Pro

The first time a player lays eyes on a roulette table, he or she will most likely feel confused and a bit lost. Although many people understand that the goal is to correctly guess where the ball will land, few people outside of those who have played for some time understand the sheer number of bets that are available to them. Many players, and especially new ones, choose to try mini roulette instead.

How Mini Roulette is Unique

Mini roulette is simpler than other versions since there are only 12 numbers on the wheel rather than the traditional 36 or so. While players may think that this increases their odds somehow, it must be considered that the payout scales for such games are much different. Experienced players must change up their standard roulette practices as well since this game's odds are nowhere near the same as the traditional.

A Handful of Basic Bets

The mini version of the game is much easier for new players because there are only a few basic bets from which to choose. Like traditional games, players can choose even money bets like red or black, even or odd and high or low numbers. There are also straight-up bets, or bets on a single number, that pay out at a rate of 12 to one. Players can determine the payout rate for any wager by dividing the number of pockets by the number of squares upon they want to wager and then subtracting one.

An Example Calculation

For example, assume that a player wants to bet on four different numbers. The player will divide 12 by four to get three and then subtract one to get a rate of two to one. This means that if the ball lands in any of the four pockets upon which the player has wagered, the player's money will be doubled.

Split Bets

A player who chooses to place a split bet on two adjacent numbers will find that the winning payout is five to one for such a wager. To get this figure, the player divides 12 by two to get a total of six and then subtracts one to obtain a rate of five to one. These calculations are actually quite simple once players get used to them.

Higher House Edge

Over time, players often notice that the house edge associated with the mini version of the game is much higher than that associated with the French or European variations. For this reason, the mini game is only a good choice for those who want to learn how to place bets and calculate odds. Once players feel comfortable with this, they should move on to a full-size roulette table.

Free Games for Roulette Strategy

Players will be able to find many free versions of roulette online in the event that they are interested in employing some sort of strategy during gameplay. Whether these players choose mini or full-sized roulette wheels, learning a good strategy for calculating odds and placing bets is always very important.