The Legend of Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo: Unlocking Roulette's Secrets

Roulettes are games in a casino which greatly favors the side of the establishment. Many say it is programmed that way and in the course of history, there's a great amount of people claiming that they have managed to undercover what lies inside the system of a roulette. Many of these remained as legend as the events happened a long time ago and can't be proven otherwise. But, there's a man named Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, who had been sued by many casinos and went to trial for a long time declaring that he was cheating, although he insisted that he only made it possible to read the roulettes and grab the best odds.

Pelayo, although not very triumphant, was initially a producer and a wise mathematician. He had a thing for roulettes and one day, it hit him. If it favors the side of the establishment, then it only means that it may not be a 100% 'randomized', and if it is programmed, then there should be some bias or discrimination happening that allows its great house edge we all know.

What he did next was to figure out this whole bias thing through his own method. Initially, the most evident thing is to gather vast amount of information regarding different roulette around every casino. This way all possibilities will be calculated and he did this gathering of information by hiring some of his family members to do the job of scouting different machines. Next was a way to properly analyze the data gathered by his family members in order to make sense of its program and the possible odds which may help it turn the house edge into the player's advantage.

Pelayo then made a program or rather, a system which gave values to each number on the wheel based on how many times they show up. This is done with a basic programming language, QBasic, and seemed like a simple tally machine, but certainly we could assume that it possessed something far greater than that.

Although this doesn't guarantee that a player will win each spin, it was still enough to calculate what spins and decisions he should make in order to make the best out of each spin. This attempt of his turned into an incredible sight as he takes over a million Euros in one casino based in Madrid. This huge loss motivated the casino to sue him, but in the end, the judge favored Pelayo. Although they won, they were forbidden in casinos in Spain so they unleashed their expertise in Las Vegas claiming more money. This only shows that with great dedication, even the worst odds can become the best odds.