Biggest Roulette Winners of All Time

It is already a common knowledge especially for gambling players that the game roulette pretty much spells out a huge advantage for the establishment when it comes to the long term profits. Although this is true, it was never made official that the game was impossible to win, more specifically, win an unsurmountable amount of money. This is the very core reason that motivates wagers to put their best and play this disadvantageous game. It is true that the advantage is hauled by the establishment when it comes to this game, but many players have won the game big. Here, I'm about to share some of the biggest roulette winners within the game mentioned and how they managed to conquer the odds and made the establishment pay a huge, gargantuan amount of money. Some of the biggest wins to be shared is not just in terms of the highest money earned but those most meaningful and awe-inspiring.

First in the list is a man named Ashley Revell. This bold warrior of the waging industry has literally given his all into one single spin in a Las Vegas Casino. When I say 'All', I mean all his belongings including his house and clothes, in order to amount a $135,000 waging fund. This is pure gutsy and bold but afterwards, this gutsiness he showed proved to be worth it as the ball lands on red. This bold act and incredible luck has given him double the amount he waged.

In 1891, when francs was a monetary unit, a man named Charles Wells managed to make history by winning a total of 2 million dollars. A million dollars won in separate nights but on the same year. Though after this staggering luck which made him a millionaire, he had a series of gravely unfortunate occasions which led him to be thrown to jail for being a 'scam'. This is also a question which served those who knew him - 'was it really a astounding luck or was it a magic trick by a scammer that made him win?', this is something that we will definitely not find out.

There's also Mike Ashley who won about $1,300,00, Joseph Stagger who won $375,000 in 1873 which was a lot of money back then, Chris Boyd who garnered a red 7 bet with a bet of$220,000, and many more. Some of the biggest roulette winners kept their privacy from winning, making their legend of conquering the game to be unknown. But there's still remains the fact that this only shows the power of luck and that even when you're at a disadvantage, the possibility of winning is still there.