The Role of RNG Software in Online Gambling

RNG is an acronym for Random Number Generator. The role of an RNG program is exactly how it sounds, to randomly provide a number or series of numbers. The operative word for software of this nature is "random". When the program is in operation, it's not possible to predict what sequence of numbers will result from the computation. It's this capability that has made it possible for casinos to exist on the web.

For example, without the RNG used when playing Video Roulette, the random nature determining where a roulette ball will land on a physical roulette wheel, could not be replicated in a web environment. Therefore, it wouldn't be possible to offer true games of chance like this on the internet. That's why software that generates series' of numbers at random is the mainstay of every internet casino. Whether a player is using slots or playing Blackjack or Craps, he or she is still going head-to-head with a number crunching software application.

It should be noted that the one kind of online casino action which doesn't have software generating random numbers is "live" online gaming. Where casinos offer this type of play, the dealer and the cards, wheel or dice are all for real. This does beg the question, which type of online casino action is more likely to be profitable?

The truth is, it really doesn't matter if you play online against a live dealer with real equipment, or against online casino software. The odds are the same. This is due to the algorithms programmed into casino software. The software is designed to replicate the same outcome possibilities and odds as the real-life game it's representing. The purpose of an online casino's random number generator isn't to stop players winning; it's to stop players being able to predict the outcome of a game.

If online gamblers were somehow able to define patterns in the software operation, they could then predict the outcome of each turn of the wheel, hand of cards, or roll of the dice. gambling sites simply wouldn't be able to operate if that were the case, hence the use of a random number generator to determine outcomes. After all, every gambling transaction is a contract between the player and the house. While online companies must not use dishonest techniques to relieve players of their cash (the house edge is advantage enough), they must at the same time, guard against predictability and therefore, hand over fist losses.

RNG software simply allows fair play in online gambling sites. So while taking one's chances and wagering against a computer isn't quite as glamorous and exciting as bricks and mortar action, the possibilities of winning, and losing, are just the same. For those players who really feel an aversion to betting against a machine, gambling sites that offer live dealer action are probably the best bet. As of yet though, slots fans have little choice if playing online. The best advice is simply to forget about the computer behind the graphics, use a little imagination and soak up the Monte Carlo atmosphere.