Can You Beat the Odds with Online Roulette Cheats?

If you're having trouble finding online roulette cheats, it's because there aren't too many reliable, foolproof ways to get around the rules, especially when you're playing online. Online games use computer generated spin simulations that are much harder to predict than spins made by live dealers. Getting away with it is almost impossible when you're playing on the internet, but there are a few methods that people use in land-based casinos.

'Past posting' is the most common method used in land-based venues, but it isn't easy to pull it off successfully without getting caught. The individual must wait until after the dealer spins the wheel, then he or she changes their bet to a winning spot on the board. Not only does the player have to make the switch without the dealer noticing, he or she also needs to be sure that no one else at the table can see their actions. These strategies require patience and good observation skills, not to mention a very quick hand. With today's security and camera surveillance, attempting this cheat may not be worth the risk of getting caught.

Watching for a dealer's pattern is a slightly more reliable strategy, but it isn't any easier to accomplish. Live dealers often develop 'tells' that give away their secrets during the game. These casino roulette cheats are based on the belief that over time, the dealer begins to follow a preferred spin method that will return similar outcomes each time. By noting this preference, individuals have the chance to predict future wins by observing the dealer. Many people try to track the dealer's spins before they place their bet, watching for winning numbers that seem to appear more frequently than others.

Casino security officers usually look for this sort of behavior. Standing near a table for too long without placing a bet can raise flags among the facility's personnel. Some people will watch for dealer patterns during game play, placing minimum bets until they have time to observe the pattern. This can still draw unwanted attention from security so many players who want to use casino roulette cheats will try to befriend the dealer, thinking that this will give them the inside information they need without the risk of being caught. When it comes to the online version of the title, cheats like this are useless. Some online games have a tracking feature for individuals who want to give it a try.

Another technique used at live roulette tables is a computer-based algorithm that measures the gravitational pull of the wheel and analyzes the patterns repeated by the dealer to generate the most likely win. This tool is fairly reliable, but also highly illegal. Individuals who are brave enough to try it usually end up spending money on legal fees instead of winning big at the tables. Unless you're willing to take this risk, using any type of strategy like this is foolish, whether you're playing online or live.

Roulette is a game of chance. Some live dealers may follow predictable patterns, but this method isn't very reliable and always carries risks. Online roulette cheats are even less reliable. The best strategy is to trust your instincts, manage your bankroll, and have fun.